Entrepreneurial Skills for Disabled People


As of March 2023, ÖJAB has been coordinator supported by LABoom247 and UNIVERSAL EDUCATION of the Erasmus+ funded project EPISODE. The main goal of the project is to build capacities for teachers and trainers of adults with disabilities, in order to stimulate them as well as to contribute to the inclusion of the disabled population with fewer opportunities in the entrepreneurial sector.


The project aims at:

  • Developing a modular curriculum tailored to the educational needs of teachers and trainers of adults with any physical vulnerability
  • Upskilling teachers and trainers on how to effectively reinforce their competences towards the promotion of self-employment and entrepreneurship of people with disabilities
  • Building capacities for equal working opportunities, tackle prejudice and discrimination.



The target groups are:

  • Trainers and Teachers of adults with disabilities
  • Adult education institutes
  • Disabled adults who are interested in upskilling themselves for acquiring entrepreneurial skills